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The Ledge Bungy and The Ledge Swing - Queenstown

Because of the specially designed Bungy harness and launch deck, you can choose to jump in any one of numerous styles on the ‘Jump Menu’, ensuring an experience that fits your personality

Unique bungy opportunity from the top of the Skyline Gondola. The ultimate way to go sightseeing in Queenstown - from the air to the ground in seconds. Combine with the Ledge Swing for added thrills.

The Ledge Bungy is Queenstown's Freestyle Bungy and is like no other in that it comes equipped with a 'runway' to launch you out 400 metres over Queenstown in any style you please. Choose from the quirky 'jump menu', and take advantage of the specially-adapted harness, so you can leap out over Queenstown in your own unique way.

Try a graceful swan dive and feel the freedom as you fall. Or you could really flip out, and throw yourself backwards and somersault to earth. If you've got strong arms and legs, turn yourself into a flying squirrel, and grip your ankles behind you as you hurtle downwards. Fancy going a bit Hollywood? Then get into Neo-mode and try the Matrix jump for some reality that's anything but virtual.You can even handstand off the ledge or go hai-karate - whichever style you choose.

The Ledge Bungy is the best bungy in the world for making that personal jump you've been dreaming of. You can even bungy in the dark, through Winter, on special night jumps.

But the fun doesn't end there. Remember the swing you had in your back yard? Well, the Ledge Swing takes that to a whole new level. In fact, a level 400 metres over Queenstown. Once harnessed, you are slowly lowered over the Wakatipu Basin, giving your brain, and your stomach, plenty of time to 'do the math' and fully appreciate just how high up and helpless you are. Then, it's over to you, to decide when to release yourself. Don't hang about though, in case the fear takes over! Once you decide it's time, pull the cord and get ready to fly across the canyon, one side to the other.


The Ledge Bungy
Adult: $180, Child: $130, NZ Student (must have a valid NZ Student ID): $150, Family (2 Adults + 2 Children): $490
*Prices include Bungy Jump, Certificate and Authentic Bungy Jumper T-shirt.

The Ledge Swing
Adult: $150, Child: $100, NZ Student (must have a valid NZ Student ID): $120, Family (2 Adults + 2 Children): $350
*Prices include Swing and Certificate.

Please visit The Ledge for bookings and latest price information.

Address: Brecon Street , Queenstown View Larger Map